Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not this little grey duck...

We have just passed the shortest day here in New Zealand and have been having one of the coldest winters in a long time, we have had plenty of rain too! So my DH and my nephew(in all their wisdom) decided that they would go Dam Dropping... I will let the pictures speak for themselves and needless to say they were very cold afterwards... Me well someone had to take photos didn't they?

Last night was spent tidying up my sewing room, I am sure someone else must go in there and create all the mess... then it was time to do a little stitching! Since I already had my scrap quilt out that is what I worked on. I chained stitched all these triangles, I pressed and cut, and stitched some more.

I finished with a little over 100 squares, only 400 or so to go:) I think this may turn out to be a very long term project. And my sewing room looks like it's back to square one... Oh well!

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shiny4444 said...

Hi Michelle, your sewing room floor looks like an art quilt!!