Friday, September 18, 2009

Do you wash?

Fabric that is!!! I have always washed my fabrics first before using, especially reds and dark blues.

Today I have washed, almost dried, then ironed some scrummy new fabrics! Our local Spotlight had an evening for quilters last night with fabulous specials ranging from $2.50 per metre - $4.00 a metre. Between my Mum and my friend Catherine(with a C) we filled a trolley, Lol. Boy did we have fun! I bought some lovely butter yellow with white spots, a gorgeous red with white spots, a lovely blue with pretty aprons all over it, some yummy chocolates, a small rose print and the list goes on... The fabric in the photo above looks already pieced, great for a practice quilt!

Blessings to you and yours


shiny4444 said...

Hi Michelle,
how strange, we had just this discussion at quilting group last week! Most people confessed that they don't wash!! I don't usually although if I'm using very strong and dark colours I will, or if it's a quilt that's going to be washed a lot - like a cot quilt, I'll prewash to make sure all the shrinking is done before I start sewing. Several people said they use a "colour catcher" when they eventually wash quilts but I haven't tried this. God bless you and yours, have a good weekend, Lis x

clare's craftroom said...

What a lovely sight new fabric flapping on the line aaahhh !