Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Not much happening here on the quilty front at the moment... it's the first week of the school holidays and it's done nothing but rain:o(

The chooks seem to like their new house so much!!! In appreciation they have been treating us with farm fresh eggs everyday, though one seems to appreciate it more than others...
The big one is from our friendliest chook 'Red' she is a red shaver and the little one is from our newest addition 'Speckles' she just learning the ropes;) But boy did Red put some effort into this one! It is huge! I wonder if it will be a double or triple yoker!!!
Sorry about the photo's, its hard to get a nice picture with all this grotty weather. I had great plans to get stuck into my gardens this week, with all the warmer spring rain the weeds are multiplying so fast! so if you don't hear from me for a few days you'll know where I am!


shiny4444 said...

Hi there, sorry about your weather but BiL is returning to NZ on Friday and says he's taking the sun home with him so you should be okay from the weekend! Great eggs!! Love Lis

Julie said...

Yes....ouch!!!! Getting a few double yolkers here too and then the other day a bantom produced an egg the size of a marble. The kids thought it was hilarious. Love my fresh eggs.

Rebecca said...

What do you feed them I think you better stop before they spilt in two lol. Hope the weather gets better
Big Hugs

clare's craftroom said...

You can't beat proper eggs can you , take care .