Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Swap

I belong to an online quilting group called Back Porch Friends, they are such a lovely bunch of ladies, caring and friendly, just like bloggers:o)) Anyway they were having a Christmas swap and being that most of them live in America  I didn't bother joining in until Michelle(such a good name Lol) posted that she would like to join in too but lived too far away.  Well Michelle(no blogger) also loves in New Zealand, so I contacted her and as they say the rest is history.  Here are my new very special decorations...

All packaged so nicely I almost didn't want to open them and some yummy chocolate truffles!

Just look at the lovely blues stars and...

This gorgeous fabric!

And don't they look great on our tree...

Thank you so much Michelle I adore them and will think of you every Christmas!

Michelle also liked the decorations I sent her(she is so kind) and asked if I would share with her how I made them, so tomorrow I will post a tutorial, I know it is a bit late for this year, but I also use them for other things throughout the year... Intrigued? I will reveal all tomorrow and best of all they are quick and easy.  I actually think I have seen one in a magazine to hold sewing bits and pieces.  Until then keep safe and enjoy your friends and family throughout the holiday season.

PS. The chocolate truffles suffered a terrible fate they never made it til Christmas day! Lol!

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