Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old friends and New...

For some reason Blogger have changed the way I can upload a photo onto my blog, instead of choosing a photo straight from my computer I first have to upload it into Picasa. Argh! Do you know how long that can take when you only have dial-up.

There! I have somehow(I'm not entirely sure how)managed to upload the photo I wanted. This is my dear friend Vicky. We have been friends since high school (almost 20 years ago) and even though our lives have taken different paths our friendship still remains.  We spent the day together yesterday, chatting and catching up, it went way too fast!
Sadly she leaves us again tomorrow to head back to Bedford in England where she is currently living.
So my friend, take care and travel safe!

And to all my friends out there in blogville, I want to thank you too for your friendships and kind words!



Jeanette said...

Hi Michelle,
when you open the add picture link it should give you 3 options. The top one should say "from this blog". Beside that is a button that says "upload". Click on that then a box opens for you to choose where to get your photo ect from. Quicker than using picasa. Hope that helps as i discovered this new thing today myself. Grrrr. Hugs, Jeanette

Rebecca said...

Thats a true friend. I am also pleased to call you friend as for Picasa I know nothing about this, Sorry.
Hugs Bec