Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Toy…

I’m back, I’d like to say I’m back full of renewed energy and vigour, unfortunately I am still suffering from the affects of the dreaded lurgy! I don’t ever remember being so sick, it has however given me the chance to play around a bit on my new toy…

SDC11771 (2)

Have you guessed what it is? My wonderful DH gifted me my very own laptop for my birthday!   I am very blessed!

So I am playing, Windows has a feature to write a post and then publish it, will it work? Well if you’re reading this then I guess it has!

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Lis said...

I somehow missed this post so I want to say:
Happy (belated) Birthday to you dear Michelle
sorry to hear you've had a bug and I hope you are soon feeling much better
wow, a laptop for a pressie, how wonderful is that!