Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another week gone…

106_6342 (708 x 532) My sewing buddies are feeling very neglected this past week, I haven’t found the time to do any stitching at all.  Instead I have been enjoying the school holidays with my children.

You could also have found me in the garden, weeding and cleaning up after this106_6395 (708 x 532) … the cows got in, twice in as many days!!!

Let’s just say my DH is not very popular at the moment!

Here are a few shots of the garden…beansrup …the runner beans have popped up to say hello and the broccoli and cabbages have taken off...brocolliI also bought some rhubarb in the specials section for $1 a while ago and wasn’t sure how well it would grow…106_6399 (708 x 532)But as you can see it is coming along nicely. I have planted three rows of lettuces, some pumpkins and zucchini. DH has erected a couple of gates(below) to protect the pumpkins and zucchini from four legged creatures.106_6406 (708 x 532)This is part of the view from my kitchen windows…rainbow Hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my garden.

I am planning to do a post each Friday to show snapshots from my garden and/or the farm.106_6407 (708 x 532)In other happenings Poppy(the horse) has been a naughty girl, she got into some calf pellets at the shed. Calf pellets contain rumensin to help prevent and control coccidiosis. But if ingested by horses it can be fatal. So an afternoon of calls between me and the local vets and lot’s of prayer ensued. There was nothing they could do for her, no cure and no antidote it all came down to how much she had eaten. They gave us a list of things to look for, sweating, wobbliness, lack of appetite etc. So far 48 hours later she has shown no side affects, Praise the Lord!

It’s been quite a long post so I think I will end it here before I bore you all to tears, Lol.

Take Care and I will share again soon.


Lis said...

Not boring at all. I'm glad Poppy is okay and I'm looking forward to your posts about the farm. It still seems weird that all your veggies are bursting into life while I'm finishing the last of ours and sitting with a seed catalogue wonderfing what to order for next year! Love the view from your kitchen and a double rainbow, such a lovely promise.

Leeanne said...

I hope your horse will be OK and you get your 'free manure' in its rightful place.
Your quilting looks great.

Raewyn said...

Hi Michelle, your garden looks like it will be nice and productive. One of our horses got into chook food a couple of years ago and foundered. That was scary but he was OK, so I know the worry you would have gone through. Love the rainbow photos.

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Thanks for sharing your veggie garden. Looking forward to the next post.
Happy gardening.