Friday, October 15, 2010

Farmyard Friday…

I had prepared this post earlier in the week all proud of myself for being so organised, but guess what it’s not here… anywhere. I’ve looked under and around things, its gone, vamoosed, adios… so here I go again and maybe it’s just as well because I have something else to show instead. Today we went on a little home schooling trip, to Dave Hungers farm. Now this was no ordinary field trip, we were going to see a trebuchet contraption he had made with his sons. Wow, it was huge!106_6465 (708 x 532)The concrete slab used to catapult the weapon of choice weighed 2 tonne!106_6466 (708 x 532)Here’s Dave hooking the up the high tech (lol) attachment to the end of the swinging arm…106_6467 (708 x 532)The weapon of choice today was a 20 litre container filled with water, then Dave released the catapult. The container flew way up, and I mean way up then landed over in the next paddock, with explosive results. I can see why it would have been the weapon of choice when attacking a fortress or castle!

I think my boys have great plans for the weekend, as long as they don’t use each other for catapults or little sisters for that matter!

Dave also led us on a tour of his farm, there was lot’s more to see and do like this old water turbine built by a mother and her young son(the father having died years before when he got lost in the bush) 106_6474 (708 x 532)Dave also collects money, this is a genuine Ten Trillion Dollar note! 106_6455 (708 x 532)Which if you lived in Zimbabwe would probably only buy a loaf of bread! Dave asked the question what is inflation, and DS1 answered the question perfectly. (that’s my boy!)

Well I’m going to stop there, this post is getting rather long and you’re probably bored to tears by now.

One more thing… as you may have noticed the title of this post is ‘Farmyard Friday’, well I have decided each Friday I will share a little of our life down on the farm!

I also have plans to share an inspirational story each Sunday (oops that’s two things) so stay tuned…


Farm Girl said...

Good grief, that thing looks a bit scary. Bet you could do some major damage alright! Looks like a great day out, thanks for sharing your great pics.

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

What a great day out for the family. I would have loved to have seen the expression on there faces.
Now that bank note is another thing. Happy spending!!!

Have a great weekend.