Sunday, October 17, 2010

Story time Sunday…

As I mentioned in my last post I thought I would share a little story each Sunday, stories that have meant something to me or have had an impact on my life. I hope you will find something in them for yourself.

The Schwinn Bike

Mr. Baxter, once, Earn Baxter, used to manage the campaigns for me. He said up in Canada, they were... one time there was a contest to win a new Schwinn bicycle. They had a board that was a foot wide. They had to ride it for fifty or a hundred yards, setting about three foot in the air. And every one of them there were champions. Ernie said, "I could go downtown, and get my mother's groceries, put them under my arms, and come through the street cars, up around the cars and never touch my handlebars." Said, "I could ride. Set backwards on it and ride the same as he could forward." Said, "It didn't make any difference me." And nearly all of them was champions. And they was sure they was going to win that Schwinn bicycle.
And they had one little sissy fellow among them. He wasn't too good a rider. They knowed he wasn't going to win. But when they put them all on the track and start them out, everyone of them fell off but this one little sissy boy. He rode out to the end. Got off. Received the reward, took the bicycles. And all the fellows got around and said, "Tell us how you done it."
Said, "Boys, I'm going to tell you where you made your mistake." Said, "I thought it all out before I got on there." That's a good idea. He said, "You see, you all were trying like this to keep the bicycle on the board looking right down like this at your bicycle. It made you nervous. You got to wiggling; you fell off. And I seen where you made your mistake." He said, "I never looked what was down here. I just watched the end and kept steady." That's it. That's it! Watch the end and keep steady! Just keep moving on.
I'd be discouraged tonight if it wasn't for that: I'm watching the end, just keeping steady. Move on no matter what takes place. Just keep... Don't look at that. Just keep looking at the end. That's where you meet God down there at the end. There's where the rewards are give out. Don't drop off here. Go on to the end. "He that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved."

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