Thursday, November 18, 2010


A big hello to my new followers(yes you have been noticed!)

I just have to share my new vision for my kitchen. You see I have always since I can remember wanted a blue and white coloured kitchen until…

100_6833 (702 x 935)I saw this! What’s not to like, the pink Smeg fridge, the crisp fresh whiteness and the rainbow of colours. Often I have been out browsing and found a great bargain, and fallen in love with it but it wasn’t blue! But now that’s another story, of course I would design it a little differently but it’s the colours that do it for me!

And then this arrived in the mail…

100_6887 (702 x 934)Leanne Beasley’s first issue of Vignette, at first I thought it was a bit thinner than a normal magazine(only 35 pages) BUT there are lots of nuggets in here…100_6888 (702 x 935) and some beautiful patterns…100_6889 (935 x 702) The other day I just happened to be close to Spotlight so decided to sneak in for a quick look and guess what they were having a sale! This is what came home with me…100_6885 (935 x 702)

I have plans to sew it into a table cloth, with matching pink napkins! I can imagine inviting a few friends around and having a little tea party or two!

Sew now I’m intrigued, what colours do you have in your kitchen?


lisa said...

I don't like the dusty shades they chose for my kitchen, but it's green and yellow, like sage and mustard meets dust. Is close to pretty!

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Wow a pink fridge,I bet the men would have to have another fridge for there beer. I have white tiles on the wall with pink roses of course.

Happy sewing with that material you just had to buy.


Farm Girl said...

With that new fabric you'll be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams. Isn't Vignette lovely, I find myself toying with the idea of the gorgeous mystery block quilt. I must stop before they lock me away!!