Sunday, November 28, 2010

What will today bring?

I wonder what today will bring? I believe that all depends on us. Our reaction to an action could make a day or break it. Does it really matter if my house is perfect or not?  Whether the windows shine, or the floor glows! The love I show my family and friends is much more important! I needed to remind myself of this today. After church today we have friends coming for lunch and tea and I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday preparing for today. You see I like things to be a certain way, a bit of a perfectionist(just being honest) but I’m trying to learn to enjoy the little things more…100_6987 (935 x 702) Oh I also baked a Chocolate Cake yesterday for my DH, it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary…100_6996 (935 x 702)Happy Anniversary for yesterday Honey!

Hope you find time to enjoy the little things today!


Fiona said...

Wonderful advice :) I am sitting here in my PJ's thinking I really must get dressed and get cleaned up - But I might just take a few minutes more. Hugs - Fee X

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary
and so true have a great lunch and enjoy the company of good friends.
Hugs Bec

Farm Girl said...

Great advice Michelle, I think we all worry too much about what others think(including me!) Happy anniversary for Saturday!

Lis said...

All so true Michelle. Happy anniversary to you both.