Thursday, December 16, 2010

Golly Gee Whizz…

Golly… it’s been a wee while since I’ve posted anything on my little blog! Life here is finally starting to slow down. No more school for 6 weeks, no more school meetings, no more BBQ lunches, no more early mornings;oD Yahoo!

Time now to take life at a slower pace, at least for a while. I must say though that I am immensely proud of my children, they have all worked so hard throughout the year, and achieved so much!!! You’ve done great guys!!!100_7290 (935 x 702)Gee… I really need to focus on the Christmas Present List before it’s too late!

Whizz… That was me madly sewing last minute teacher gifts this week, I made a set of four coasters for the teachers and the secretary, as well as two sets for a church craft stall and one set for a friends gift!

Tomorrow I am headed up to New Plymouth to visit my Mummy and take DD2 to a birthday party. I hope to be home in plenty of time for the FNSI, I’ll be working on the binding for baby Jack’s Quilt(Just in time for Christmas).

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