Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No words…

Yesterday while out shopping in Farmers we witnessed the horrific scenes on the television from the quake that struck Christchurch. No words can fully express the heartbreak, the turmoil and the loss of life. The city is in ruins. This event will affect all New Zealanders. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Christchurch(and surrounding areas).

On a much lighter note… I have been sewing! I have finished the two skirts from my Goals List as well as a third! Sorry I have no photo’s to share so you will just have to take my word for it! I have also finished 2 pillowcases(from my goals list) they are visiting with my mother at the moment, she is crocheting edges around them for me:o) As soon as I have them back I will take photos of them. I will update my goals list as soon as I decide what to do next!

100_8089 (600 x 451)

Many of you have shown an interest in the dishcloths I’ve been knitting and asked where I found the pattern so I thought I would share a couple of links with you, here and here but be warned there are many to choose from! Please let me know if you make any, I would love to see them.

Housekeeping… oops there are a few of you who may not have received a copy of the ‘Quick and Easy Handmade Gifts List’ as you are set to noreply blogger. If you would still like a copy of the list please change the setting and leave me a comment below, Thanks.

Happy stitching…


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