Friday, March 25, 2011

Just because…

Look what my DH bought me today, just because…


He is such a sweetie! I think I’ll keep him!!! Especially since he’s agreed to let me buy 4 new chooks! My favourite chook Miss Red was found upside down with her feet in the air this morning, the poor ole dear! She was getting on and she hadn’t produced any eggs for a very long time, but still I couldn’t bear to get rid of her! She was quite the character, I remember  one dark cold night we could hear our dog crying so DH went out to investigate only to find the dog had been kicked out of her kennel and in her place was Miss Red all warm and snug! 


For our home school group activity this week we visited a local old folks home, and I have come to the conclusion that males never grow up, Lol  There were 3 gentlemen who acted up the whole time pulling faces, pretending to attack each other with there walking sticks, if they weren’t using them to shoot each other, they were real characters, and apparently they were on their best behaviour! I hope when I’m that old I can still have my sense of humor!

Tomorrow I am heading up to New Plymouth as Bernina is having a ‘moving on sale’ (I hope that doesn’t mean a closing down sale) But anyways as I need some fabric to bind three quilts I thought I’d head on up and see what bargains there are to be had;o)

What exciting things have you got planned for the weekend?

Happy Stitching…


PS The potato(pictured above) was home grown with love!


Farm Girl said...

What a sweet post - your flowers are beautiful - he's definitely a keeper I'd say! And chooks too - woohoo!!
I work in a rest home and our folk are delightful too - lots of laughs and good humour.
Have a wonderful day out tomorrow!

PS Love that spud too. lol

Maria said...

Yep he's a keeper.
I hope the new chooks give you as much fun as Miss Red. Loved the story of the dog.
Sounds like fun loving old guys. Great!!
What a gorgeous SPUD.

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle, keep the husband!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when out of the blue someone appreciates you, especially with flowers! Must be the time of year for new chooks we brought 4! Love the story on Miss Red.
Happy stitching, Michelle. patterns arrived Friday, but have been away all weekend.