Saturday, April 16, 2011

FNSI Update…

It wasn’t until 8pm last night that I realised I could join in on this month’s Friday Night Sew-In so I promptly signed up and got stitching!

DSC_0089 (600 x 400)

I have almost finished sewing down the binding on this quilt, I’m on the home straight! I will show a full reveal when it’s done!  But I can share this one…

DSC_0103 (400 x 600)

Just a simple four patch but I am sew happy with the way it turned out especially the quilting…

DSC_0107 (600 x 400)

Another book arrived in the mail this morning…

DSC_0091 (400 x 600)

Another book by Kathleen Tracy.

DSC_0095 (400 x 600)

And one for Miss Ruffles(DD1) I think I just might be her favourite person today!

The holidays are in full swing I dropped DS1 off at camp this morning for a whole week as he was asked to be a leader! (Aww he is growing up into such a fine young man even if I do say so myself!) It makes this mother proudSmile

Tomorrow we have visitors coming for lunch and my niece is coming to stay for a few days. Sew if things get a bit quiet here on my blog, you’ll know why.

Have a great weekend



Maria said...

Will be nice to se the quilt you are sewing the binding on. The 4 patch looks great.
Nice lot of books you received too.
Enjoy the holidays and your visitors.

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Love the finished quilt,and the sneak peek. Its funny how beautiful books just turn up in the post,enjoy.
Have a great time with your family.
happy days.

Farm Girl said...

Your quilt finished up beautifully Michelle, the new books look fabulous. I love how you use the hair clips for holding down the binding. Brilliant! Hope you have a lovely time with your niece.

Raewyn said...

The quilting on your 4-patch is very effective Michele, and how cool to be on the home straight with another quilt!! I heartily approve of all the books you have received lately - very yummy (and I know my daughter would have loved he jumping exercises too when she was full-on riding); you will be totally inspired by them all, I'm sure.

Michelle said...

Another finish Michelle, you must be happy! How is the holidays going, not alot of quilting going on here but have finished 9 stitcheries! Hows yours going?
Happy stitching, Michelle.