Monday, April 4, 2011

A little squeal of delight…

Before I share with you what my little squeal of delight is all about, here is some quick highlights from the weekend…

DSC_0027 (600 x 400)

Just for my son (who shall remain nameless), we awoke very early Saturday morning and drove for an hour to reach these waves which were pumping! (Is that the right terminology;o) Only to find when we arrived there he had forgotten to pack his wetsuit and towel! LOL   So DD2(Lolly) and I left him to sit and watch while we went for an early morning walk along the foreshore. Then we drove around the coast a wee bit more for a birthday party!

DSC_0049 (600 x 400)

I ate way too much food! This was the kids table the adults food was behind me filled with lots of yummy treats too! And that was just morning tea, the hostess had also prepared lunch for everybody! Just as well I had been for a walk ;oD

And you needn’t feel sorry for the young man who didn’t get to surf as his father decided the surf was too good to stay at home so he ended up meeting us and they both went together. ;o)

DSC_0063 (600 x 400)

Ok my little squeal of delight actually arrived on  Friday but I didn’t get around to taking photo’s until this morning! Can you guess what it is?

DSC_0059 (400 x 600)

It’s my hutch dresser! ‘insert squeal here’

Unfortunately this is the only place it can go, but it fits perfectly! I had originally planned to paint it myself but it was a bigger job than I had time for so we ended up getting someone to do it for us. And they have done a fabulous job…

DSC_0069 (600 x 400)

I love the chook mesh cupboards…

DSC_0062 (400 x 600)

We like that we kept the original handles.

DSC_0071 (600 x 400)

I have started to fill the cupboards with my Maxwell and Williams dinner set…

DSC_0072 (400 x 600)

It will mean I have more space in my kitchen cupboards too! There will be more photo’s once I have finished decorating and re-arranging everything;o)

You may have noticed I skipped Sunday altogether, well I can assure you it wasn’t worth mentioning. It wasn’t the best day I have ever had, you know sometimes stuff happens and you feel like someone’s knocked the wind out of your sails, one of those days! Today though I am picking myself back up, I am going to play with my new hutch dresser, I am going to go out and meet a new home schooling Mum for a coffee and tonight I am going to my quilting group for a bit of stitching! Sounds like a good plan to me!

Have a great day…



Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Wow you had a busy weekend. Love the horse birthday cake, someone was clever to make that. I heard your squeals of delight and think your new cupboard is perfect. Glad you found a space for it. Nothing like getting furniture home and finding it doesn't fit in the spot you were going to measure!!!

Happy Monday, enjoy your outings today.


Michelle said...

Squealing for you Michelle, it looks fab painted in the white!!!Can't wait to see it decorated! And that birthday food looked very yum!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Farm Girl said...

I think I heard you squeal!! Your hutch is beautiful and it is so YOU! I'm so happy for your DS that he didn't miss out on the surfing, bet he was disappointed to begin with! Hope all is well in your world again today, and that you have a lovely night out tonight.

Lis said...

No wonder you squealed, it is absolutely gorgeous, with added gorgeousness. Sorry Sunday was not so good but I hope you're enjoying playing with your dresser now! Hugs, Lis x