Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It’s only taken me a year…

It’s only taken me a year to get around to making a new plastic bag holder for our new house, Lol 

DSC_0307 (400 x 600)

Not sure what took me so long, I finally made up my mind to just do it the other day when I found this gorgeous fabric, maybe that’s what I was waiting for… the perfect fabric!

While I was at it I made two…

DSC_0327 (400 x 600)

I’m not sure whether I will use this one for storing rags in the cleaning cupboard or put it in the birthday box. It’s almost too good to be a rag bag, but I’m not sure I want to give it away either;O)

I had quite a productive weekend, I also finished the binding on my DNP quilt(photo’s to come). It was also DS2 14th birthday, here he is armed and dangerous …

DSC_0291 (400 x 600)

He is also the family ‘Jester’ never a dull moment in our house!

I now have 3 teenagers aged 14, 15 and 16! Can you work that out? I had 3 children under 2 1/2 years of age, they were certainly busy times but I now look back on those years as fun times, well for the most part anyway!

My DD1 (Miss Ruffles) had to cook grass for her agriculture yesterday!

DSC_0295 (600 x 400)

We made hay while the sun wasn’t shining! The smell throughout the house was very strong, sweet and icky, quite overpowering even with the windows open and the fan going!

DSC_0298 (400 x 600)

Into the oven it goes…

DSC_0301 (600 x 400)

It ended up dry and crispy(for those that want to know) and kind of burnt looking rather than a nice golden colour like hay, but we got the desired result! It has now been added to the compost pile:O)

I am having a lazy day today, it is cold outside and we are all warm and snug inside! I have a bit of school stuff to do with the boys and after that I am going to sew!

Enjoy your day



Maria said...

OH Michelle I just Love Love Love the fabric you used for the holder. What a wonderful gift.
Happy Birthday to your dear son.
COOK GRASS. Why?????? For a school project??
Hope you get to sit and sew.

Tonya said...

Cooking hay?
That is a new one! But it sounds fun. I like doing off the wall projects with the kids!

Lis said...

Love the bag holder, well done for getting it done. Not sure about the grass cooking!! It was 33C here yesterday and the grass looks pretty cooked just where it's sitting in the garden. Should have had a storm but it missed us.

camp and cottage living said...

Hi Michelle-I just found your blog today. I was blown away by your photography!
I am a week old blogger. Please drop by and visit my site and say"hi" when you have the time!
I've got to see where I can find some hay to bake for my compost!!

Farm Girl said...

The bag holders are lovely, that fabric is just the cutest. My stomach is turning over at the thought of cooking grass in the oven - Though the sweet smell of silage is something I absolutely love!