Friday, June 17, 2011

Stitching group…

Wednesday was my monthly stitching day with Michelle and Claire. This time we went to Michelle’s house and oh my there was sew much to ooh and aah over, that I forgot to take pictures to share with you (shame on me, I know!) but you can pop over and visit her here instead!  I do have one photo of our projects we worked on over the last month though…

DSC_0223 (600 x 400)Sorry not the best photo, Michelle’s quilt is on the left mine is the piggy in the middle and Claire’s is on the right.  And I am pleased to report that I am not the only one who didn’t finish, Lol. We are all up to the quilting stage, so our plans for this month are to finish these quilts and make 3 Babushka dolls. Sounds easy enough;o)

DSC_0217 (400 x 600)

Michelle made a tasty chicken and vegetable lasagne for lunch served with salad and bread rolls followed by peach pie and cream! Thanks Michelle it was delicious!

And… Michelle and Claire surprised me with some blue and white goodness for my hutch! Once again though I have no photo’s to share as I have been a busy bee for the last two days(I feel like I am being pulled in all sorts of directions at once!) I think I am almost caught up now though and will take some photo’s soon. Thanks for my goodies girls I feel very spoilt! I am already looking forward to next month!


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