Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I forgot…

I had a very busy day the other day, went to school to do some PTA stuff picked up my daughter and headed home... I'd been home a wee while and said to DS1 where is DS2, his reply I don't know. Hmm so I called out to him a few times to no avail, so I txt DH to see if he knew where he was... his reply 'didn't he go with you?' And then it clicked, oh my I had indeed taken him to town with me and he had walked to the library from school. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten my own child… So I jumped in the car and whizzed back into town to pick him up, by this stage I am an hour later than the arranged pick time.

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When I finally found him he was sitting in a corner quietly engrossed in a book and hadn’t even realised I was sooo late! Totally nonplussed;o) It gave us all quite a chuckle though! I don’t think I will live this one down in a hurry;o)

But here’s the thing I honestly just didn’t remember, I am not sure what to blame my memory lapse on, I did have a lot on that day, it was wet and cold and I just wanted to get back home or maybe it’s because I’m just another year older… tomorrow!

I share the day with my Mum, I was born on her birthday :O) So tomorrow I plan to head up to New Plymouth alone (yay no kids to worry about… forgetting, Lol) and we will go out for tea together to celebrate!

I have been so busy this week I haven’t done any stitching and things aren’t looking much better for the very near future… we now have 4 calves and counting! I am hoping to sneak in a couple more finishes before things get too busy on the farm, but if things get quiet around here you’ll know I’m not too far away…

Happy stitching…



camp and cottage living said...

OMG-You really must have had a lot on your mind yesterday. It can happen. So glad he was in a safe place and all is well!!
I think I would love that new quilt book you've ordered. YOU'LL HAVE TO SHARE A FEW PHOTOS WHEN IT ARRIVES.
I have a flower garden quilt I started 30 yrs. ago. I'll have to get your opinion on how to continue on it!!
Happy Birthday to you and your Mom!! Have a great day together!

Farm Girl said...

Happy birthday to you Michelle, and to your Mum as well!
Forgetting your son is really quite funny, now that I know it all ended well! I have fallen asleep once and missed collecting the girls from the bus stop. They were still waiting about 1/2 an hour later. lol
Hope you have a fabulous day!

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday to both of you.

My dad forgot me once. It was a snowstorm and he left me after school for 3 hours. I was in a dress and freezing, huddled under a door frame. I am not sure I'll ever forget. :)

Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here laughing that you forgot your son!! Hope you have a great day and enjoy your birthday tea!

Lara said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have the loveliest day :)

I totally know what it feels like to have a complete lapse in memory. It's happened many a time (although I haven't left the kids behind yet...) - I often find myself arriving somewhere and having no idea how I got there... did I run a red light? Forget to indicate? etc... I think they call it auto pilot. The symptom of being a busy parent who uses auto pilot to cope when their is too many things on the brain.