Saturday, November 12, 2011

An early start…

I had an early start this morning my dear son who shall remain nameless and whose turn it was to milk this morning came and woke me up to tell me there was no power and emergency services had just rushed past… there went any thought of a wee Saturday morning sleep in… Lol But what to do when there is no power at 4.30 in the morning… it’s dark… the alarm beeps every five minutes to let us know the powers out… can’t read… cant bake… cant do any housework… can’t sew… it made me realise how dependant we are on modern technology… so  what did I do? I just curled up in bed and waited for the power to come back on…and must’ve drifted back to sleep cos I woke again about 6.45…

DSC_1520 (600 x 400)

On Thursday we had our Kindred Heart Stitchers day at Michelle’s… Hope she doesn’t mind but I thought I’d share a few picks of her garden… isn’t this a lovely welcome(above)

DSC_1521 (600 x 400)

She has done an amazing job… there is lot’s of bits and pieces to see…

DSC_1522 (600 x 400)

DSC_1525 (600 x 400)

DSC_1523 (400 x 600)

Our challenge theme for the month was to make something with a heart… it could be anything as long as there was a heart on it somewhere… I am not sure why(maybe it was all the chin wagging) but I only got a few photo’s…

DSC_1516 (600 x 400)DSC_1517 (400 x 600)

Claire made a heart shaped lemon and rose flavoured cake filled with fresh cream and strawberries… it was delicious! And a cute decorated candle holder.

Nicky made this gorgeous doll…

DSC_1519 (400 x 600)

Michelle made a heart out of doilies… very clever… I didn’t get a picture of it but if you pop over and visit her blog I’m sure she’ll have some photo’s to share.

DSC_1515 (400 x 600)

Here’s Claire wearing one of the doily bowls Michelle made for us… aren’t the fabulous!

Lunch was scrumptious too… Michelle made a bacon and egg pie, homemade sausage rolls with filo pastry and a salad… can’t forget the homemade Sally Lunn either :O)

I will share my project next time… hopefully along with another couple of finishes! :O)

DSC_1502 (4608 x 3072)



rosie said...

Love, love, love the garden photos Michelle... you guys look like you had a fantastic day together..

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely photos Michelle, all the projects look wonderful and delicious!! Can't wait to see what you made.

Rebecca said...

Love to see other people's garden and it truly is beautiful. As for the cake yum and the other thing shown are inspirational, love the hats . Looks like a great day and sorry to hear about this morning wake up
Hugs Bec

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

What a creative bunch of friends you have. That cake looks so delicious.
Happy days.