Saturday, January 5, 2013



Yes it’s definitely been awhile since I was here last, 2012 is well and truly over and 2013 is here to stay. I don’t have any real excuse for being away so long, suffice to say life has been busy and I just felt my time was better spent on other things… family, friends and just life in general really… But I have had a couple of sweet online friends(you know who you are) require about my whereabouts so I thought I would drop a line or two to let you know all is well…:O)

The above photo was taken last weekend at The Festival of Lights in New Plymouth, where we met with a group of friends and had a fun night with the kids. Today we met with some other friends and visited Stoney Oaks wildlife park…




Nicky tried really hard to sneak a Kune kune piglet home in her handbag…Winking smile


And boys will always be boys…they just can’t seem to help themselves!


We have lot’s of plans for the rest of the holidays too, a boys kayaking trip down the Waitara river, an 18th birthday party for Miss Ruffles, a little family holiday to the South Island, throw in a spot of babysitting, a pony club camp and some leisurely walks(hopefully). Though I’m sure it’ll be back into school mode before we know it.

I have been working on a few crafty things as well, I finished the log cabin quilt… finally! I have been knitting a few dishcloths in my down time to give out as gifts throughout the year, and I’m in the process of making this months ‘Shabby’ or ‘Prim’ project for our group the ‘Kindred Heart Stitchers’.

I have more to share but that can wait for another day…

Many Blessings



Michelle said...

Welcome back, hope you had a great Christmas! Love Stoney Oaks! I was waiting for a photo of the boys falling into the pond???
Can't wait to see you at Claires,

Leeanne said...

Hi!!! The festival of lights is always amazing!!Happy creating in the New Year!

Lis said...

How lovely to read this update from you. The Festival of Lights photo took me right back to our visit to New Plymouth, they were so lovely and helpful to me when we visited and I was using a wheelchair. And that was the trip when we met up, how wonderful that was. Have an amazing summer and do enjoy your trip to the beautiful South Island. The wildlife park pictures are excellent, but, like t'other Michelle, I would like the see the "what happened next" one of the boys in the boat!!
So glad to hear from you, happy new year, congratulations to Miss Ruffles (hoe did that happen?) and I look forward to more posts as and when, no stress :-)

Julie said...

Hi Michelle, your photo of the waterfall at the festival of lights is just amazing!! Thanks for sharing it, Julie :-)

camp and cottage living said...

It's good to see your back! I'm loving all the green lushness of summer there! It's good you're getting to spend fun time together as a family, they grow up and leave home before you know it!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely to read your post! The festival of lights looks amazing. Enjoy your shabby, prim project.

Nicky said...

This is a lovely post Michelle, your animal pics are so sweet, love the little fawn.... too cute. You have lots of fun plans for the holidays, how far down the SI are you planning to go..... all the way to the bottom??