Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sneak peek into my sewing room...

Hello, how's your day going?
Just thought I'd share a quick peek into what's been happening in my sewing room this week.
A pretty cushion.

And finally getting around to putting my granny square quilt together. 


I originally planned on using white sashing but after a thorough search of my sewing room and lots of frustration at not being able to find the white fabric to match the white in the granny squares I gave in and tried to find something else in my stash that might work. Who knew there were so many different whites, and they all looked so noticeably different to the white in my blocks! So lesson learned... now I label all my whites (I write on the selvedge the name of the colour) and keep all the fabric together until the project is finished! 

In the end I've used this sweet little ditzy print which I quite like, I hope it's not going to make the quilt look to busy though... because there is no way I am going to unpick it with all those bias edges!



Susan said...

I think that is an excellent solution.

Julie said...

Beautiful quilt Michelle - you are so clever. I think your craft room looks rather interesting & beautiful too. xxx