Saturday, October 14, 2017

KHS for September

Hello... yes I know it's October, I'm late yet again, we've been without internet for a couple of weeks but now it's back so I can finally share our KHS for September. This month's challenge was pincushions and oh my my Claire and Nicky's pincushions are so little! And fiddly! But so so cute!!!

Claire made this Hatched and Patched pincushion such tiny embroidery and applique!

Nicky made this gorgeous little piggy! Just look at those trotters!

Michelle Ussher unfortunately didn't find time to make one but she has been a busy girl running a dairy farm, during one of the wettest winter/springs that I can remember! I made a trio of pincushions and I think they turned out pretty cute too.

This month's host was Nancy, and we got to visit her in her new unit. She has got it looking fabulous.

And for lunch Claire ordered us all meals on wheels.

For October's challenge we have to make something out of a 'Homespun' magazine. I am a total nerd and started a project as soon as I got home from Nancy's let's just hope I can finish it before the 28th that's in just 2 weeks time eek! I hope to be back in a few days to share a quilt I made for a niece. Hugs xoxo


Leeanne said...

Looks like a cute time together with lovely pin cushions to boot. It's been pretty soggy up here too so no doubt the Naki will be extra wet! Hahaha........funny you rushed home to start the next challenge!

Julie said...

Lovely to see your post Michelle & also to read that you girls managed to get together again. Your pincushions are ALL gorgeous. I love them all. Nancy's home looks amazing & filled with her handmade treasures. My Mum has those meals on wheels now & as she is just down the road from Trinity Hospital, she is one of the first drop offs & its always nice & hot. She is really enjoying her meals now (thank goodness!!!)