Friday, May 22, 2009

Can you see that lovely old Telephone table in the corner? Well it once belonged to DH Nana and it had been offered to DH by his Mum and Dad and then he neglected to tell me! Anyway he eventually told me and I said yes please, I have just the spot;) You see I needed something to put beside our sofa to sit my books on or my stitching or a cuppa, you get the picture...

I now have plans to make an oval table runner, not quite sure how or what yet though. Perhaps one made out of yoyo's? Any idea's? Anyone made an oval table runner before? Just looking at the table runner on the back of the sofa, maybe I might make one out of hexagons!

We have had very cold weather here in Taranaki, we have a mountain right in the middle and are mainly surrounded by coastline. We get snow every couple of years in outlying districts but it's still Autumn or it's supposed to be!

I am off to TPQ(Taranaki Patchwork and Quilting) tomorrow, for a fun day of stitching, laughing, eating and shopping cant wait... I'll try to remember my camera!

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Liz said...

Wow Michelle, that picture of the mountain surrounded by all that green is awesome. And brrr, we're having spring in Calfornia. I guess I need to send you some sunshine.