Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our latest addtion

This week has gone past so quickly, here a few of the highlights...

We had a visiting minister and his family stay for the weekend...
Monday night I went to our local quilt shop for our weekly stitch and chat evening, one of the ladies(Angela) and her husband own a catering business and she bought this huge pavalova for supper Yummy!!
Last night we had some youth from church come around to finish a presentation they are doing for a parents dinner on Saturday night...

Now come and meet the newest addition to our household

We actually have another 12 chicks, but for some reason Mummy chook didnt want this one so my daughter is being a surrogate mum.

Here's Tweety checking out my Chick Tac Toe, do you think she/he might give me a game later... I will have to hurry up and finish the sewing the eggs first though!!

This is a picture of Georgie(my daughters cat) snug and warm under a quilt my 8 year old made, with a little help from mum of course. Bit hard to see, will have to take a better picture.

Another school mum and I have organised a Fashion Show as a school fundraiser at a local shop for tonight, and there are supper preparations to be done. Looking forward to a fun evening!

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Liz said...

Love that first picture of the chick Michelle. Looks like he's posing for the picture. Adorable.