Monday, May 18, 2009

A busy weekend...

DH is youth leader for our church, and the youth have been busy organising a Parents Dinner.
I wasn't allowed to help, so I spent the day with Jesse and Olivia (my youngest two) we drove to New Plymouth to visit my Mum . We had a great day, we went shopping for a new sewing machine for Mum we got a great deal... she has to wait though to pick it up hopefully by the end of the week.
While there I had to do a little fabric shopping, couldn't drive all that way and buy none now could I?The Thimbleberries fabric is going into the border on my cat quilt. The top fabric is for a future project.
We met up with a friend of Mum's, had lunch at the beach, drank hot chocolates at BB's before going back to Mum's. We went for a walk, the kids on their roller blades, then it was time for me to have a shower and scrub up for the Parents Dinner!
Sorry I didn't get many pictures at all, too busy talking! But didn't they set the tables lovely!
We had pumpkin soup for starters, Dauphine potatoes, boneless paprika chicken thighs, and julienne vegetables and for dessert we had chocolate mud cake, chocolate sauce and chantilly cream. It is so nice to have someone else cook for you...
They also showed a presentation for the parents to share some of the activities they have done in the last four years. At the end though was an extra surprise for DH and myself one we were definitely not expecting. They made us both come up the front and presented us with these...

Talk about spoilt...obviously I got the flowers. The cup says Best Youth Leader Ever, Stefan Singfield, 2009. And the youth know him so well they bought him 4 bags of lollies;)

I have found a pattern for a scrap quilt that I just have to make!

These are some of the fabrics I am using

I have been wanting to make a scrap quilt using the starters and enders method for quite some time so this will be a continuous WIP.

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