Sunday, January 10, 2010

A fresh start...

Do you remember the feeling of starting a new school year, when you sit down with your new books, you open to that first page, that nice fresh crisp first white page... well that is how I feel about my blog this year! Last year I decided to do something fancy with my blog layout, and while I liked it, it just had a too busy cluttered feel to it, so I've decided to go simple.  I am still working on a new header so keep a look out for that sometime soon.

I have also decided to join OPAM 2010, I have many projects I want to finish(as we all do) and I figured if I finish one a month I should work my way through my UFO's by the end of the year.  I will no doubt start a few new UFO's and that's OK, but I'm going to try to finish more than I start!  It's also great to know many of you will be joining right along side me!


Lis said...

Hi Michelle, just had a look at the OPAM challenge and it sounds brilliant. I was VERY tempted but with three months away from my sewing machine I think it would be too stressful and that's not the idea is it? I'll be keeping an eye out though and hopefully if there's an OPAM 2011 I'll be joining you! Good luck, Lis x

Helen said...

Hi Michelle

Wishing you a Happy New Year and good luck with the OPAM. I am NOT making any New year's resolutions about how much quilting I will get done this year. My blog is sadly neglected even though I have had things to blog about. There are too many other tempting blogs to read :-)