Monday, March 15, 2010

Keep it simple...

I have been sitting here with my fingers paused over the keyboard for several minutes trying to think of a way to start this post let alone a title for it.  So let's just get it all out as simply and quickly and hopefully as painfully as possible;o))
So the good news or the bad news first? I'll start with the good news as it will help explain the bad. We have a new farm job, for most of you a new job doesn't mean having to leave the home you've been in for the last 9 years! Still with the good news... we are shifting into a lovely 2 year old brick house! The house we are in at the moment is an older home, with lots of room!  So now onto the not so good news, ready?

The new house is a lot smaller so I will no longer have my wonderful sewing room:o((( I knew this was a possibility but oh it's going to be so  hard, I think I'm having a severe case of the poor 'me's Lol.  I am reminded of that quote...

Don't cry because it's over
Smile because it happened!

There are a lot of positives, kids closer to school, closer to town(maybe that's not a good thing) the beach is just around the corner, there's a river for the kids to go eeling, trout fishing etc plenty more room to ride the horse and their motocross bike and so the list goes on...

I still have a couple of negatives to battle through. The house unfortunately has not been looked after, it will need some TLC which I'm sure with the help of a few friends and some elbow grease will scrub up nicely. But oh I really did feel for the house, how can some people live like that, now I'm not the tidiest person in the world but...Ok I won't get into it I'll spare you... Lol
Another negative I just don't wanna shift! All the work involved! We are having a bit of a purging, we have um... collected(that's a nicer way of putting it) a lot of stuff over the years, so in the next couple of weeks we will be having  a Garage Sale. So I have been going through lots of our um... collected items;oD Oh I have so much stuff, I have found so many unfinished projects and not just of the quilting variety!  But it has got me a little inspired to actually finish some, hopefully I will have some show and tell real soon!

Ok was that too painful? Maybe a bit too much information for some of you, I could go on if you want... No just kidding! Don't forget to check back here from time to time as I have a few items to giveaway too and it will be first in first serve!

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Jeanette said...

oh i know how you feel about moving. I'm waititng on hearing whether the owner of my home is going to sell in June or not. I'm hoping not as i've been here 6 years & really don't want to move from this ideal location. Not to meantion the horded, ummm collected things in those 6 years. :). Hugs, Jeanette