Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Frolics

Oh I wish I could’ve have taken you all with me yesterday, DH and I went to visit a few more gardens. I took over 300 photos!!! So grab a cuppa and come and join me and welcome to John and Margaret Young’s beautiful home…100_6668 (1416 x 1064)Do you remember that song ‘I’m a little fire engine Flick is my name’ well here he is, he even sang his little tune for us! Now let’s take a peak around the corner… ahh look at all this prettiness…

This ones for my DH to help remind him we really need a frame to hang our swing seat;o)100_6674 (1416 x 1064)And if you’ve been joining Fee over at Mother’s Cupboard for Re-purpose Thursday, check out this neat idea to re-purpose those old jars you have lying around…

100_6672 (1064 x 1416)

An old agee jar filled with glass pebbles and a candle hung from a tree, I can just imagine summer evenings spent outside with several of these hanging here and there.

A little look at the vege patch…

Unfortunately that’s all the photo’s from the vege patch I got a little excited and forgot to take more! Margaret uses pine needles as a mulch to protect her plants from drying out, I am going to try this tip out, we have lot’s of them on our farm for free! Another tip I learnt on our garden rambles was to sprinkle a tablespoon of milk powder around each tomato  plant as they need calcium, you only have to do this once. It can’t hurt to try. 

Now, I met Margaret at a quilting group I used to belong to, and she is one talented lady! She is not only a wonderful gardener but a quilter, a knitter, a painter, a cook, and I could go on and on… She is never still, no matter where she is she takes something to keep her fingers busy. Would you like a peek inside her home? Yes? Ok first let’s start outside in her American style barn that she set up as a cafe just for the open gardens…

Beautiful china cups, quilts on show and for sale. And in the kitchen the lovely ladies from Quirky Quilters. We enjoyed a 3 course meal of soup, scones and bread cases, berry slice and lemon tart, all for $10 with a complimentary tea and coffee! Come back tomorrow and join me on a wander through her home, it deserves a post of it’s own!

Enjoy your day!


Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Thank you thank you for these photo's. I will have to try that milk trick with the tomatoes too. Lucky to have a meal for only ten dollars,it sounded yummy.
Those quilts in the previous post are so lovely and bright. I have noticed that New Zealand patchworkers love there brights.
Have a great weekend.

Lis said...

How lovely Michelle, you certainly seem to be enjoying some wonderful days out. The garden swing looks so inviting and I love the idea of the candles in jam jars, I'm going to remember that for the summer. Have a good weekend, hugs.