Friday, December 31, 2010

Quilters Anonymous…

Just so you know I am a person who loves to write out lists and soooo… I decided to write out a list of tops that need quilting, a list of all my kit sets, a very extensive list of UFO’s(when do WIP’s become UFO’s?)a list of things I want to make, then a list of sewing projects (sewing and quilting are 2 different things to me) a list of knitting and the lists goes on and... I keep finding myself adding to them! Oh the shame of it DH(Stefan) says I'm not allowed to post the lists on my blog as I will use up all of our allotted data usage for the month! He's so horrible, my family think I need some sort of counselling ;o) Is there an AA out there for quilters??? I really need a plan of attack, I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all Lol. Perhaps I need a day out fabric shopping I'm sure that would help! LOL What do you think?

Anyway while I was pondering my situation, Fee posted this on her blog, check it out… I think it might be the answer! An online version of AA for quilters???? With plenty of support from like minded bloggers!

or check out this one…

There seems to be a real drive out there in blogland to get some of these UFO’s completed in 2011. Have you made your list yet?

But in my defence I have do have two new finished projects :OD…100_7450 (935 x 702) My very first mug rug, I’m sure there will be a few more of these made in the future and…100_7448 (935 x 702) a bookmark. The stitchery designs come from here…

I decided not to make the wall hanging and make something with the stitchery's before they became UFO’s ;oD

So now I can cross another goal of my list and add two more finishes for OPAM!

Goal one – Net curtains, I am making progress on these(slowly) I have sewn two more for our bedroom, only 4 more to go!

Goal two – Hanging a quilt tutorial

Goal three – Finish two skirts

Goal four – Finish sanding and paint my little cabinet

Goal five – Pillowcases

I’ll be back soon with some photo’s of the gorgeous goodies the postie delivered this morning.

PS I just remembered there are two UFO’s hiding under my bed, better add them to the list too!


Maria said...

Hi Michele. I really enjoyed reading your post. made me laugh.
wooould you believe I have signed up for all three UFO challenges as I HOPE with them all wanting finishes I may get some of my UFOs done.
Love your mug rug and bookmark.

Please pop over for a visit and I would love you to follow.

PS Those net curtains have been on your list awhile. LOL

Rebecca said...

When you find the AA let me know as I think I might have to join as for the list maybe I should start but knowing me I would loss it ;).
As for Goals they are good to have and something to work towards .
Big Hugs Bec
Ps love to have you cheering my on the side lines :D

Lis Harwood said...

Love your lists Michelle, they inspired me to make my own to-do plan - and I haven't forgotten 'our' panel, I'm saving it for spring (yeah right!!) Off to cook roast chicken for DS, DD, DGS and Al and then Christmas will be over and it'll be time to eat sensibly again. Happy New Year to you all, thank you for being my friend.

Nicky said...

This post was so funny - I hear you!! Not sure what I'm going to do, in my own way I'm sort of happy muddling along. I've found I get quite stressed about the deadlines once I've signed up for things, but on the other hand it does make me get things done! Hopeless aren't I!