Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Much loved…

I know Jacks quilt is going to a very happy home and is going to be loved lot’s…

100_7377 (935 x 702) Alayna and Jono(our nephew) were thrilled with it! Sew I am happy, even though Granny called it a ‘rug!’ I must have a wee chat with her, Lol.

I have been meaning to post a pic or two of this wonderful gift my daughter Ruth(the horse mad one) received a few months back…

100_7381 (702 x 935) A very pretty saddle blanket for Poppy and why not I say! It was designed and made(quilted) by a dear friend of Ruth’s in Wanganui, Jasmine(Hi Jasmine). She has made such a wonderful job of them. I think she is making them to sell, so if you are interested in buying one or know of someone who is just let me know!

100_7383 (702 x 935) Isn’t it gorgeous!!!

For Christmas DH bought me some new kitchen scales(I wonder if he is trying to tell me something!), my Mum bought me a fab bird house(I’ll show you when it’s had a coat of paint) and a tea cup sieve thingy for tea leaves that you hang over the side of your cup. My in-laws bought me a hand mixer and a pastry brush(Do you think it’s a conspiracy?) My children  bought me a cute matching pen and pencil and a set of smellies! (Are they trying to tell me something too, Lol)

The weather is very blustery and rainy today, sew I hope to cross something else of my updated goals list today…

Goal one – Finish the net curtains.

Goal two – Finish the mug rug

Goal three – Hanging a Quilt tutorial

and my 2 new goals…

Goal Four – Finish two skirts for my girls

Goal Five – Finish sanding and paint my little cabinet.

What are you doing today?


Lis said...

Ha ha, love that those net curtains are still on your list! Get them done girl!! Love the saddle quilt (even though I know nothing about horses). Great picture of little Jack and his parents, he is going to adore his "rug" ha ha. I'm not sure about your pressies, yes, I think there's a conspiracy. We don't buy each other presents in the family but buy ourselves something "from the family". We are so fortunate to have everything we need that we decided we didn't want to do presents in the usual way. It works for us but not for everybody! Al's son won't play along, he thinks we're awful not buying presents - so we buy for him!! I'm having new jeans when I've lost a bit more weight, Al bought a new jacket. The children went for techie things, a phone for Saz and a laptop for David (not sure he would have spent that much on presents for the family but hey!!) We buy for the grandchildren of course!! Glad you had a great time, looking forward to seeing a photo of the nets!! I'm hoping to do a bit of sewing today, after I've put the glace fruit topping on the cake for Christmas 3 tomorrow! Festive blessings and hugs.

georgie said...

Hi Michelle,

I love that horse saddle rug.I've been busy helping a friend out with her daughter's pony.And I've started dog walking as I desprately need to loose weight.I have a long to do list too!
All the best for 2011.
Love and hugs Georgie xx

julieQ said...

The saddle blanket is so much prettier than anything our old quarter horses ever had! Very pretty...I like your idea of a smaller list to do...much less daunting than mine!!

Farm Girl said...

Your little Jack is a cutie. That saddle blanket is so cool. My daughter has been riding my SIL and nieces horses a lot lately and has been bitten by the horse 'bug'
Great present haul you had, don't take it personally. lol
Love your list idea too.