Saturday, December 25, 2010

Warm wishes…

Jacks Quilt is no longer a WIP, I can officially cross it off my list of goals!

The front… 100_7341 (702 x 935)

The back…100_7344 (702 x 935)

And a big round of applause to my little helper, it’s not easy to hold a quilt still when it’s blowing a gale!

I also had a little help in the kitchen too…100_7333 (935 x 702)It takes a lot of concentration to scrape all the chocolate out the bowl…100_7340 (935 x 702) I can also cross goal number two of my list…100_7329 (935 x 702) I will definitely be making some more lip balm for gifts in the future, I *heart* the stickers! DD2 has claimed the golden smiley face one for her self and the silver smiley is a gift for her cousin. The others are just in case gifts ;oD

I will tackle the rest of the goals next week and add another two to the list, not sure what yet but I can assure you there is plenty to choose from! ;o)

100_7353 (702 x 935)

Have a WONDERFUL FANTASTICAL OUTLANDISH holiday season, and remember, more important than toys, food, even Christmas trees, is to LOVE LOVE LOVE your kids, family, friends............and tell them how precious they are to you before you cant! Make moments into memories, and occasions into traditions. Be safe, be happy, have fun!!!


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Farm Girl said...

Jack's quilt is lovely Michelle, you must be thrilled with the finish. Looks like you bought the same magazine I did with the cute little stickers in it on the lip balm!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family, and good luck with that list of goals.