Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Comfort zones…

Hands up ‘Who has ever started a quilt without making sure you have enough of the right fabric to finish it?’ I sure hope I am not the only one! Anyway I tend to be the kinda girl who likes her quilts to be matchy matchy… Well enter the log cabin quilt…

100_8099 (600 x 451)

I fell for these fabrics sometime ago, they were just sitting on the shelf as a fabric bundle, I brought them home unsure of what to make with them at first, then decided on a log cabin. So I start off making them all the same as in each log was in the same place.

100_8162 (600 x 451)

But then I ran out of a fabric(as I had decided to make the quilt bigger) so off I toddled to buy another fabric bundle, only to find out the fabric bundle had one or two different fabrics that I didn’t want or need!

100_8163 (600 x 451)

Hmm ok now I had some decisions to make, I searched the web frantically in an effort to find those fabrics I needed, and only found one of them!:o( But I still really liked this this quilt it was either make do or throw it in a dark corner somewhere out of sight! Sew what’s a girl to do? In the end I had to go outside my comfort zone and substitute a fabric, and then another and another… I am still really liking this quilt and once it’s finished it will serve as a reminder to either be more prepared and have a better plan or encourage me out of my comfort zone more often!

Happy stitching…



carol fun said...

Running out of fabric has happened to me many times and I've finally learned to just go with the flow. If you have to make some substitutions and throw in a few fabrics that are similiar but different in the end it turns out fine. You've picked some beautiful fabrics so you're going to have a beautiful quilt - happy stitching!

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Oh life is just so damn hard when we have to go and buy some more material. I just hate going to those patchwork shops, you can't get out of them!!!!Good luck with stretching your comfort zone.
Thanks for the list you re-sent. Will have to put that close to me in the sewing room.

Good luck with your quilt, happy sewing.

Michelle said...

Beautiful fabric Michelle, this is going to make a beautiful quilt, look forward to seeing it finished...no pressure! I have been caught out afew times like you, so now I pick my favourite fabric and buy more just incase, because you can always use it on something else. Happy sewing, Michelle

The Clip Cafe said...

I love the colours and patterns.