Saturday, April 30, 2011

Seeing Double…

DSC_0151 (600 x 400)

Finally I have some photo’s to share of my latest quilts! I started these quilts sew long ago it is almost embarrassing;o) DH had requested a quilt to drape over his knees when we were in our old house to keep off the winter chills while sitting at the computer(We lived in a very large country homestead at the time). And I did start it straight away, he chose the fabrics I chose the pattern and somewhere along the way I decided to make one for me as well Open-mouthed smile but in mirror image, I love the way they have turned out!

DSC_0153 (600 x 400)

DH quilt now graces the back of his chair in the lounge, since we shifted into a much smaller well insulated house he no longer really needs one Lol! But at least he can’t say I haven’t made him one.

DSC_0156 (600 x 400)

The photo’s were taken at a lovely little local park, where we had lunch and feed the ducks…

DSC_0143 (600 x 400)

There were even a few Canadian geese, maybe this is a stopover on the way back to Canada for the summer! This goose was really quite friendly and would honk at us as if he was talking and bob his head up and down, he would also eat out of our hands.

DSC_0161 (400 x 600)

Not the best photo but DH got to play with his new toy at the park too!

DSC_0130 (400 x 600)

There that’s a better photo, its called a honeybee and it is not very easy to fly, I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed another turn any time soon;o}

It could turn out to be quite an expensive hobby, not that I am complaining at all, it just means I wont feel quite sew guilty about my hobby, Lol.

DSC_0159 (600 x 400)

Back to the quilts, for the quilting I chose a paw print and different colour thread on each quilt(sew we can tell them apart).

DSC_0193 (600 x 400)

Sew there you go His and Hers quilts! Lol

Now to decide which UFO to tackle next…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend…



Jeanette said...

Both your quilts are gorgeous Michelle. Happy Stitching,

Michelle said...

Well done Michelle they look so cute (the quilts)I love the paw prints! The new toy looks like fun, maybe you can bring it to our next meeting..............?I'm sure the boy's won't mind!!
Happy stitching, Michelle.

Maria said...

I just love the quilts Michelle and your quilting is gorgeous. Did you buy the pattern or was it in a book????

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Just perfect. Love how they have been quilted to. Your husband has a new toy,my son in law has one of those, they certainly aren't easy to fly but he will have lots of fun with it.I think that duck in the park should have taken my mail to Canada that I posted airmail a few weeks back and as yet hasn't arrived. Enjoy your next project.
Happy days.

Raewyn said...

I love your matching quilts Michelle, gorgeous colours and the quilting on them is fantastic---- those paws are a neat idea which I will have to remember!!

Farm Girl said...

Wow! Your quilts are gorgeous Michelle, so cute, I love them! The quilting is so cute too, and you've made a beautiful job of it. Cool new toy for your DH. I have some relations who have lots of fun? flying(crashing) their toys too!