Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moody Mountain…

DSC_0045 (600 x 400)

All week we have had the most beautiful days, full of glorious sunshine(not necessarily warm though) but almost perfect for tackling the jobs that need doing in the garden. I have been waiting all week for today(Saturday) so I can get out and do just that! But I should have known better the mountain did try and warn me yesterday…

DSC_0040 (600 x 400)

Can you see the cloud that covers the mountain top? Well whenever that happens it is a sure sign that it is going to rain! And as I sit hear typing this sure enough there is rain pelting against the windows. But even knowing the mountain is almost always right, I ignored his warnings, still planning to get out into into the vege patch today, I even bought some more plants to plant! So next time the mountain puts on his woolly cap I will heed his warnings and plan for a cozy day inside;o)

DSC_0100 (600 x 400)

Here’s a photo of Mt Taranaki as the sun is going down last night, I’m sure the next time he peeks out from behind the clouds there is going to be lot’s more snow!

DSC_0067 (400 x 600)

And here is a photo of Mr Curly one of last years lambs, at the moment he is tied up outside the kitchen windows. When I’m in the kitchen he jumps up to get my attention hoping I might throw a yummy snack out to him!

DSC_0069 (600 x 400)

He is a very affectionate fellow, and loves a good scratch!

Since the weather has packed up, my plans for the day will be to make a heart warming soup for lunch followed my some vitamin Q and a roast for tea! Sounds good doesn’t it!

Enjoy your weekend…



Farm Girl said...

What sweet pics of Mr Curly, I love his spotty face! Your mountain photos are lovely, esp the sunset one. Shame the mountain had to be right about the weather for you today - Oh well, it could be worse, at least now you can get some Vitamin Q instead!

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Love your photo's of the mountain and Mr Curly is so damn cute. Nature really is the best forecaster of weather.
Happy days.

Julze said...

awww...Mr Curly is adorable! Love your pics, Nana used to live in New Plymouth (she's been with the Lord 10 years now) and we used to visit with her every year when I was a child. My Dad reckons that if you can see the mountain, it's probably going to rain...but if you CAN'T see it...then it IS raining LOL!

Lis said...

I miss your mountain!