Thursday, June 2, 2011


DSC_0022 (600 x 400)

I didn't get to the basting stage the other night(oh my was that nearly a week ago!), I must have been very tired that night as I somehow managed to sew three blocks round the wrong way! Duh! It was rather funny because I had only seen two and asked my family if they could see what was wrong with the quilt and they pointed to one I hadn't seen, Lol. Never mind I have decided it can stay like it, the quilt made by the designer has one block turned the wrong way too, so that makes me feel a little better! I did find some time during the week to get it basted, now I just have to decide what thread to quilt it with.

DSC_0015 (600 x 400)

I have been pottering in the garden this week. I stole my husbands old rusty toolbox he used to store farm tools and stuff in, and have planted some daffodil bulbs that were sprouting in an old bucket, (right where I had left them from last year as I didn’t know where I wanted to put them;o) The problem with our garden is that I want to do so much with it, but because the farm isn’t ours it’s probably not worth putting in too much effort. I couldn’t resist buying a Daphne bush though:o) I will try to take some photo’s of the garden tomorrow.

DSC_0026 (400 x 600)

As you can see I have been shopping at the Book Depository again and bought this book I am hoping it will help me learn more about my camera.  While browsing I couldn’t resist buying another 2 books…

    9781564779861                       CSC_0001

especially since they were both on special and then the book depository sent me an email coupon with another 10% off!

Yesterday was officially the first day of winter, you wouldn’t have thought so though, they have been absolutely beautiful days, no clouds in the sky just lovely, but I think we’re going to get our first frost tonight.

Well I have a very early start in the morning, I have to be at my sisters house by 5.30 (yes that’s am) she asked if I would babysit for her so instead of waking the kids up and bringing them out to me I said I would go to them!  Gosh I’m nice, Lol My day is jam packed with activities tomorrow, I am so pleased it is a long weekend this weekend, I plan to have a very relaxing one, what are your plans for the weekend?



Tonya said...

I have taught much photography to my daughter, but never have even used a fancy camera. I was just thinking last night when I couldn't sleep that I need to learn to use the camera that I taught her to use!

I haven't seen that particular jelly roll book I am going to have to look it up!

Raewyn said...

Your quilt top looks just great as it - I think that leaving it as is is a good decision :-) I took advantage of the Book Depository's 10% coupon too-- I'm looking forward to receiving my books soon. Hope your busy day goes well.

Lara said...

Oh I love the look of the sampler book. You'll have to write a review of the book :) I recently found my local library had a good stash of quilty books.