Friday, November 4, 2011

More garden photo’s…

Have you had enough garden photo’s yet? I do have to warn you there are a LOT of photo’s in this post ;O) …Yesterday I visited another garden this time in Stratford… There were lot’s of little pathways here there and everywhere… lot’s of little rooms to explore…

DSC_1404 (600 x 400)DSC_1410 (600 x 400)

Mountside – Imaginative fun garden with a touch of fantasy. Features include an intriguing variety of formal and informal rooms, plant combinations with ponga structures hung with wisteria and clematis, a new stumpery and outstanding topiary. Browse in the fernery displaying orchids or play giant chequerboard games. (Excerpt from Garden Festival Book)

DSC_1417 (400 x 600)DSC_1427 (400 x 600)DSC_1448 (400 x 600)

DSC_1425 (600 x 400)DSC_1429 (600 x 400)

DSC_1433 (600 x 400)DSC_1436 (600 x 400)

DSC_1439 (600 x 400)DSC_1443 (600 x 400)

DSC_1447 (600 x 400)  

DH came with me to the next garden…

DSC_1460 (600 x 400)

I like to visit this garden every year it is one of my favourites and there’s the added bonus of plants for sale :OD

‘Oakley Garden’ – Jenny has used her formal background in landscape design and horticulture, combined with a love of gardening to create her large family garden. Situated 2km from the coast, the established shelter creates a haven from the elements. Garden rooms are linked with hedge-lined paths. Features include brick walls and pillars, cottage style plantings, early flowering roses, vegetable potager and stunning hanging baskets. Complimentary tea and coffee. (Excerpt from Garden Festival Book)

DSC_1452 (600 x 400)

DSC_1453 (600 x 400)

DSC_1455 (600 x 400)

DSC_1456 (600 x 400)

DSC_1468 (600 x 400)

DSC_1470 (600 x 400)

DSC_1474 (600 x 400)

I bought quite a few plants from these two gardens… now I have to find somewhere to put them… Lol I bought 2 climbing roses ‘Anais Segales’ and ‘Souvenir’ they are both pictured above. I bought a raspberry plant(I have wanted one for ages :O) and two different coloured Heuchera’s…

DSC_1496 (600 x 400)

Below top left is a honeywort (not sure of it’s proper name) bottom left is a geranium and on the right are rhodohypoxis…

DSC_1500 (600 x 400)

Not pictured are Solomon's Seal and another plant I can’t quite remember it’s name… yet ;o) And lastly this Hydrangea…

DSC_1497 (400 x 600)

I am hopeless at remembering names so that is why I have recorded them here! Only two more days of the festival left…not sure if I will get to visit any more gardens maybe one tomorrow if I can sneak it in…

Hopefully next week I will have some quilty finishes to share :O)

Enjoy your weekend…



Leeanne said...

I have been to Jenny's garden a couple times, it is lovely and it is neat how she has the tennis court as her place to sell plants.
I went to Calico Christmas today, there were wonderful quilts on show and yummy stuff to buy, I bought a kit to make a snowman, I hope to have him made in the next couple of days.

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. I am green with envy!!!
Enjoy those new plants,especially love the roses you purchased.
Happy days.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lots of beautiful photos again. All the gardens and plants look so lovely, your purchases look lovely too!

Catherine said...

Another lovely garden Michele and love the colour of the first rose that you've brought. The gardens down your way are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.