Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snap and more gardens…

Yesterday I picked up Claire and my niece(I was on babysitting duty:o) and we drove up to New Plymouth/Waitara area to visit some gardens… we met my Mum at the first garden… ‘Margaret’s Garden’…

DSC_1287 (600 x 400)

As you can see from this rose it had been raining… I didn’t get many good photo’s in this garden but it was beautiful!

DSC_1299 (600 x 400)DSC_1304 (600 x 400)

DSC_1309 (600 x 400)DSC_1302 (600 x 400)

I bought a plant from here too… can’t remember what it is now…will take photo’s of my buys tomorrow(hopefully) and share all my goodies…  Since we were sooo close to Waitara we made a slight detour to the Corso Op Shop… I bought a couple of things and Claire found a whole box of treasures! Mine are already in the process of being upcycled… then we headed to ‘Big Jim’s Cafe for an early lunch before going to ‘Ann and Vince’s’ Garden(the owners of ‘Big Jim’s Garden Centre)

Guessing from the amount of photos I took of this garden you could be right in assuming it was a favourite… both for the house and the garden… Let’s follow Claire…

DSC_1361 (600 x 400)

I could picture myself living here quite easily…

DSC_1363 (600 x 400)

See that quilt on the bed? Ann quilt’s in her spare time… Lol

DSC_1364 (600 x 400)

DSC_1366 (600 x 400)

DSC_1378 (600 x 400)

I could just imagine eating breakfast here while enjoying the garden…

DSC_1379 (600 x 400)

My dream home would have a veranda just like this! And it would have a potager garden too…

 DSC_1375 (600 x 400)DSC_1372 (600 x 400)

They had a lot of white in there gardens which I thought looked quite stunning…

DSC_1313 (600 x 400)DSC_1319 (600 x 400)

DSC_1312 (400 x 600)DSC_1315 (400 x 600)

DSC_1370 (600 x 400)DSC_1327 (600 x 400)

DSC_1359 (600 x 400)DSC_1324 (600 x 400)

Snap! You know the name of our group is ‘Kindred Hearts stitchers’  well it goes beyond that we even dress the same… by pure coincidence! When I arrived to pick Claire up this is what we were wearing… totally unplanned(I have a black top on under my jacket too)… Claire suggested she go change… but I thought it was kinda cute… we got the odd stare, everyone probably thought we were a little crazy and they are probably right!

From a quiet country house to an inner city house… ‘La Rosaleda’

DSC_1395 (400 x 600)

A rose lover’s paradise, featuring over 300 hundred old fashioned roses. This romantic English style garden has been created over the last seven years by Coleen who has a passion for vintage roses and perennials. Wend your way through both formal and informal areas and enjoy the wafting fragrance. (excerpt from garden festival booklet)

DSC_1392 (600 x 400)DSC_1393 (600 x 400)

DSC_1391 (600 x 400)DSC_1394 (600 x 400)

DSC_1399 (600 x 400)DSC_1389 (600 x 400)

Little Dot had fallen asleep in the car, then was unceremoniously plonked in her stroller and stayed asleep until it was time to leave! Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit all the gardens we wanted to before it was time to head home again… but we had had a fabulous day!

I visited more gardens today but today’s photo’s will be for another post…hopefully tomorrow…

Keep Smiling…



Maria said...

What a lovely day you had babysitting and lunch with Mum as well as visiting beautiful gardens.
Yes I agree if it was my home it would have pothangers.

Leeanne said...

Stunning gardens, all that is missing from the villa was some quilts hanging.

Lara said...

Lovely gardens Michelle. I've been enjoying your posts. I hope to have a beautiful garden soon too. We're putting an offer forward on a house this week I hope!! EXCITING!

Lara said...

Lovely gardens Michelle. I've been enjoying your posts. I hope to have a beautiful garden soon too. We're putting an offer forward on a house this week I hope!! EXCITING!

camp and cottage living said...

You look very sweet in your skirts!
And I could live in a house like that one too!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

So beautiful! My daughter and I have always dreamed of a home with a secret garden.

Farm Girl said...

LOL - I just love your matching outfits! Great minds think alike right?
Those gardens you've been visiting are amazing, absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for all the great pictures.