Friday, April 20, 2012

Sneak peek…

This week we have had beautiful fine weather, it’s been a wonderful blessing for the school holidays. There’s just something about a sunny day that just lifts the spirits… the mornings have been crisp and clear and the evenings cool, but not quite cool enough to light the fire yet. Today I spent a little time in my sewing corner, I’ve already started creating something for this months challenge which is so unlike me as usually I leave it to the last few days.

Sneak peek

The cross stitch was made by my Aunty Colleen as a wedding present, but the frame has faded and worn over time… so out it came! I have had plans to recreate it for at least a year but never got around to actually making anything until today.

In other news… we have a new back fence! The boss asked me what I wanted, so in keeping with what we already have we got the same as the rest of the fence but made it lower that what it used to be… so now when we sit out on the deck we have a better view of the mountain…it is there, it’s just hiding behind those clouds!


While they were at it they rebuilt the wood shed that had blown away. They extended the shed that was already there, that housed all things farm and gardening related, it looks quite big and imposing now…

The shed

There is also a lean to built onto the other side for the farm bikes. Hopefully next week Stefan and I will sort out the inside… I am hoping there will be room for a potting bench.

And last but not least I would like to introduce you to two new residents of the animal variety… meet Miss Molly and Marmalade…

Miss Molly

They are very friendly and the kids give them lot’s of cuddles, Marmalade has even had snuggles in Ruffles bed!

Better hurry and send this post, Miss Nicky will be here shortly and I still have tea dishes to do… we are going to spend the evening crafting…:o)



PS Susan thank you sew much for the selveges you sent me, the postie delivered them yesterday … but somewhere along the line someone stuck a big sticker on your address, could you please  re email you address so I got pop a wee parcel in the post to you! Thank you… I hope to get some more rug knitting done next week, it almost there!


Leeanne said...

Welcome Molly & Marmalade! I'm sure this won't be the last we see of you both.
I like what you are coming up with for you challenge goodies....maybe a cushion?
The saying in the 'Naki' is if you can see the mountain it is going to rain soon, if you can't see the mountain it IS raining!
Basically it is always lovely to see that magnificent mountain!!

Maria said...

Like the sneak peek of the lovely cross stitch gift you are making.
What a beautiful view.
Nice shed too.
Hello Miss Mollly and Marmalade

Charlie and Wendy said...

I love the new border on the cross stitch, that's a lovely way to save it! Your farm is looking very tidy and I love the new chooks, what breed did you choose?

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

Love your re-purposing of your Aunt's cross stich. Cute names for the new additions to the farm. Hope they lay lots of eggs. Glad to see your restoration after the storm is going so well, hope that potting bench appears.

happy days.