Sunday, March 24, 2013

My crafting history…what’s yours?

I don’t know about you but I have always been into some sort of craft from a young age. My Mum sewed clothes for me and my sister and Mum had friends that were into making and selling their crafts and my Nana she made beautiful crochet blankets, so I have always been surrounded by crafty people.  But for me it all started when my Uncle died… and his girlfriend came to stay with us for a while. She taught me to embroider… we didn’t have a lot growing up so I would use whatever I could get my hands on including my Dad’s handkerchiefs! I used to take my projects to school in the winter time and remember other students sitting there watching me! I must have been quite the sight… I was probably only 7-8 years old. I have tried many crafts over the years, I went through the cross stitching phase and sewing pretty dresses for my girls, knitted lace coat hangers, I even had a go at macramé Lol

I still dabble in various crafts, but I think quilting is my favourite… :O)

This post was inspired by this article… Craft is cool again … But I think we already knew that?

I am interested to hear about your crafting adventures, when did you start? Just recently? Or has it always been a part of your life? And what craft would you like to try? I would really like to learn to crochet…

Just a few thoughts for a Sunday afternoon…




Julie said...

Hi Michelle, I just came online to mention that your zinnia garden in your last post looked amazing ... only to find another post :-)
My crafting began when my boys were babies really - I didnt make alot growing up as Mum didnt like mess (crafting mess) & so I didnt have much chance to be creative. From there it lead to the odd stall and has just grown since then & yes I too have tried macrame. In fact I made some huge hangers when I was first married. I loved them :-)
Craft has gotten me through some difficult times in my life - it is such a good therapy for me that I almost feel sorry for people that dont have that outlet.
Sorry didnt mean to write a book here. Thinking of you this weekend as you craft & garden, Julie Xox

Anthea said...

Why not leave another comment here?!
Michelle, what a lovely history your crafting has, I'm sure most crafters try different things before they settle in to what they really love.
My sewing interest started as a very young child when I would watch my Nan sew on her treadle machine. She was a tailor in her younger years, & also knitted & crocheted. She would give me scraps to hand stitch together, probably just to keep me from distracting her!
I was always cobbling together scraps to make dolly quilts & pillows, then as a teen I sewed simple clothes & bags.
I was introduced to cross stitch in 1994, which was a big love affair for me for a few years, until I got a bit more back into making bags, & learning paper piecing and stitcheries.
Like Julie, I too have found great therapy in sewing & stitching. But mostly I just love to see fabrics or threads come together to make something unique & special & loved.
Thanks for such a thought-provoking post x

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely post Michelle. My mum sewed and knitted and my nana did crochet so I started young too, making clothes for my dolls. Knitted heaps and sewed clothes for myself in my 20s, started cross stitch about then too and then started quilting much later. I definitely feel happier when I can plan a bit of stitching craft into my day :) Happy Sunday, Wendy x

Leeanne said...

I love the common thread we share......the love of making something!
I was so lucky to have a Mum that let me use her sewing machine to make my Barbie's clothes. Then my parents bought me a machine when I was ten, I still use that machine for all my piecing. When I became a Mum, I made clothes for all my four children. I went onto making curtains for people, jeans covered in leather scraps...LOL!!!
Then knitting, cross stitch, & then my true soul mate.....quilting! I have mended some rough patches in my life too. making & giving quilts has mended some broken bridges in my family too. Now that my book is nearly finished! Just wanted to say my craft has lead to meet some wonderful people. Thank you for creating a lovely post :-)

Lisa D said...

Hi Michelle
I heard about that article. I think crafting has been cool for many years.

i began as a young girl basket weaving and making string pictures back in the 70's. I have taught aspects of craft and sold my handmade wares for years to try to bring in some money to help while raising the children. I have tried so much craft... dont know that i should take on much more LOL!! it is indeed a therapy for me and helps with my wellness.. xx

Bev C said...

Hello Michelle,

I learnt to crochet from the other girls at school much the same age as you. We used to sit at recess and lunch and make huge rugs. I remember un-pulling one and starting again because there wasn't that much money. I remember making skirts for my doll called Betty who was named after a lady who lived nearby.

Happy days.